Västanå Turridning
Västanå natur
är som bäst
när den upplevs
till häst!
Västanåfallet Natur & Kulturcentrum (formerly known as Naturum Västanåfallet) is a tourist information facility depicting the nature and cultural history of Viksjö.
It is located in Västanåfallet Nature Reserve in Viksjö, 35 kilometers west of Härnösand, in the southern parts of Northern Sweden.
The authority responsible for the facility is the local government, Härnösands kommun, and the centre is run locally by a non-profit organization.
In Västanåfallet Natur & Kulturcentrum you find exhibitions on the large animals of prey; bear, wolf, lynx and wolverine, but bats and the beaver are also represented.
One part of the exhibition relates to the geology of the area. The facility is located in the river valley of Mjällån, a landscape of national interest, which is also represented in the exhibition. In the 18th and 19th century an iron mill was situated at Västanå and the exhibition informs the visitors about the activities in the area in those days.
The history of the very first settlers in Viksjö is depicted in a separate exhibition room, where the life of the Finnish immigrants in the late 16th century is given some extra space.
An interesting and appreciated slide show gives you a nice perspective on the nature and culture of the area.
Here you will also find a small shop selling local crafts.
During the summer and fall there are several public events taking place at Västanå, for example the much appreciated folk musicians’ rally.
Open daily between 11 am and 5 pm during summer. (Closed Mondays.)
Free admittance.

VÄSTANÅFALLET natur & kulturcentrum

Information om Viksjöbygdens natur och kulturhistoria

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